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Be Encouraged in What Jesus Did – Calvary Temple VA

How often do you get discouraged? Are you discouraged by the world around you? Maybe your discouragement is based on circumstances or on some trial that you are going through.

This earth can be a very discouraging place. Lawlessness is on the increase, disease and famine show no signs of ceasing, and the world is becoming a powder keg. There are “wars and rumors of wars…”

What do you try to do to encourage yourself? Do you watch television, play games, find a way to be entertained, or maybe turn to food for comfort?

Without Jesus, this world is hopeless and is doomed. The Bible tells us that the earth is reeling like a drunken man, and that it is waiting for its day of redemption.

As Christians, we can take great hope in believing that all things are under the control of God. He orders all things, and He is working everything for the good of His Kingdom and of His children.

In this Sword of the Spirit 180 video, Pastor Scott reminds us about the finished work of Jesus’ blood. Only through His work on the cross do we have any hope of strength for today. nor hope for what tomorrow holds. The return of Jesus to redeem us from this earth is truly our “blessed hope.”

Let your heart be encouraged by this video clip. Go to our website and listen to the teaching in its entirety. Allow the Lord to fill you with hope and with a confidence in His love for you. After you do this, drop us a note to share with us what the Lord has done in your life. Testify to His goodness.

You can find this teaching in its entirety, and other biblical resources at our Calvary Temple website. This article is a ministry of Calvary Temple of Sterling, VA. Pastor Star Scott is the senior pastor. We are a ministry that teaches and lives sound doctrine.

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