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Willy Wonka and the Prayer Factory (Act 1 – Scene 1 to Scene 4) – Calvary Temple Sterling Virginia

We open with breaking news regarding the opening of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and the contest that will allow five lucky winners to enter the factory. Chad Chadwick (played by Jeff) brings us the news. We then cut to Charlie (played by Tim) coming home to tell his Grandpa (played by Jason) the exciting news. We begin character development with Charlie in this scene.

We then go back to a Breaking News Update with Chad Chadwick where we learn that four of the five golden tickets have been found. From there, we’re off to Germany, where Augustus Gloop (played by Jeff), along with his mother (played by Lisa) are being interviewed about how he found his golden ticket. Character development for Augustus happens throughout this scene. As the scene comes to an end, we see Mr. Slugworth (played by Jay) whispering something to Augustus.

Next we find ourselves in London, where Veruka Salt (played by Tierney), along with her Dad, Mr. Salt (played by Tony) are now being interviewed. Veruka’s selfish, demanding traits are seen immediately. Mrs. Salt (played by Tierney), even chimes in encouraging Mr. Salt to hurry with the solution. Again, we see Mr. Slugworth closing out this scene whispering to Veruka.

We then travel to Chicago, Illilois, where Carlos Havier (played by Joe) is interviewing Violet Beauregard (played by Lisa). Violet’s Dad, Sam Beauregard (played by Tony) interrupts and is stopped by Mrs. Beauregard (played by Lisa) and Violet, who chastises her father for interrupting. Characteristics and traits of Violet are revealed throughout the interview and again the scene is closed out with Mr. Slugworth whispering to Violet.

To round out the interviews, we end up in Houston, Texas, where Carlos Havier is interviewing the winner of the fourth golden ticket; Mike TV (played by Matt). Mike doesn’t say too much as he is preoccupied with video games and cell phones. Mike TV’s mom (played by Lisa) handles most of the interview and reveals much about her son’s character (or lack thereof?). Mike’s Dad (played by Tony) can’t even be bothered with more than a grunt. Mr. Slugworth makes another appearance, whispering slyly into Mike’s ear as the scene ends.

Finally, to wind up Act 1, we come back to Charlie and Grandpa, where Charlie is in for some disappointing news. Grandpa informs Charlie the fifth ticket has been found and we cut to Carlos Havier with an inspector (played by Rich). Charlie’s hope is restored and he opens his Wonka bar to realize that he IS the winner of the fifth golden ticket.

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