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Zoomility – Act 4 – Calvary Temple Sterling Virginia

The scene opens with Livingstone realizing “he can be more”. He then goes to Gorgeous George and begins infecting them. He asks George if he is happy being in the zoo and being a hippo, how God made him. Livingstone’s pride culminates in putting himself forth as special and because of that everyone should listen to him. In his pride, he offends Ginny and Gorgeous George. After he leaves, Ginny is devastated. Unable to be consoled by Gorgeous George, she turns to Alphonse. Asking Alphonse if she is fat, she is horrified by his answer. Alphonse makes a funny comment, but it really does bring the point home of being content how God has made us. Ginny, still seeing that she is not receiving what she thinks she needs, goes to Rico for help. Infected with pride, Ginny announces she doesn’t want to be a hippo anymore. Rico gives her wise counsel, but she doesn’t have ears to hear. Ginny then begins tearing down her husband. Rico is horrified and attempts to get her back on track. Ginny now infects Rico by pointing out that he is walked on all over and no one serves him. After being infected, Rico then decides that he is done being a servant. The scene ends as Ginny heads back to George announcing that they “need to talk”.

You can find other biblical resources at our Sword of the Spirit website.

This article is a ministry of Calvary Temple of Sterling, VA. Pastor Star Scott is the senior pastor. We are a ministry that teaches and lives sound doctrine.

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