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Zoomility – Act 3 – Calvary Temple Sterling Virginia

Oscar goes to visit Kiki attempting to acquire a computer for his cage so that he can begin preparing. Oscar points out that he is special and needs to prepare. Kiki attempts to bring Oscar back to reality. As Oscar rants about being tired of being a captive, Kiki points out that he isn’t a captive, but an important member of their family. Oscar will not be reasoned with and begins making it personal with Kiki. Kiki is infected with pride during the discourse and Oscar leaves in a huff. Kiki begins complaining to Livingstone. She begins ranting about how special she is and how humiliating it is to ask for help. She then proceeds to infect Livingstone with pride. She says he should be more like her, independent, and to stop “relying on the man” to bring him food.

You can find other biblical resources at our Sword of the Spirit website.

This article is a ministry of Calvary Temple of Sterling, VA. Pastor Star Scott is the senior pastor. We are a ministry that teaches and lives sound doctrine.

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